2020 a  new decade! What is in store for the human race?

We are seeing it already, an enormous explosion of Climate Change impacts globally, most notably in Australia, with the fires raging nationwide, in Jakarta, sinking into the Indian Ocean by as much as 20cm per year. Ground water extraction, deforestation and plastic pollution blocking the drains are exacerbating the problem.

We have seen untold flooding events, 100 year events in the UK in the past 20 years, changes in the seasons, changes in habitats and food available for the biodiversity that rely upon it. We know these changes are happening, but there are still people out there, no less the Australian prime minister, who don’t believe that climate change is happening.

I have worked on environmental issues since the early 1980s so for me, I know its been happening for a long time. I have been called a visionary by some and mad by others and still am.

www.naturalshift.global is my latest venture, with the aim of reconnecting people with nature, with their spiritual and emotional selves, shifting their mindsets and helping them to see with new eyes, to take radical action on company policy and strategy, to be regenerative, operating well within planetary boundaries.

In my view coming back to nature, is coming back to life. We can see more clearly, feel more deeply and open up our hearts, which are three very important things for the next decade. Keeping up our inspiration and our energy to take action is something to focus on for all of us.

Naturalshift will be offering its programmes, through a series of retreats on Dartmoor, in Greece and Brazil in 2020/1.

Please get in touch if you would like more information 07968 587391 or clare@naturalshift.global