My First Blog Post

Welcome to my Blog. This is my first blog post. Keep posted for more updates.

So this is my first blog…………it seems we all have to have a blog these days !! I could write about so many things but where to start?

Naturalshift is about changing the World, nothing less, its quite a mission, but I am determined in the next 10 years to help more people to understand the climate crisis and their part in shifting things. Its been my passion for over 30  years, working on environmental issues internationally.

Look at the passion of Greta Thunberg and the other young people around the World, taking direct action to try to get the older generation to listen, the politicians to listen. I remember wanting to join Greenpeace and go on the Rainbow Warrior in my early 20s but somehow my conservative upbringing and schooling prevented me. Now in my mid 50’s I feel that pull again, the desperate need to take direct action, do something more than just standing in Boardrooms or facilitating limited change in organisations.

Now is the time for radical, disruptive change, such as Extinction Rebellion. Now is the time to do everything one can to shift the status quo, before its too late for humanity on Earth.  Keeping energy levels up to facilitate change is not an easy thing to do, keeping motivated and inspired when still all around the disbelievers mock and chide.

I’ ve experienced it my whole life, from my family and friends, most of whom did not ‘get’ what my career was all about. I won’t give up despite very difficult personal circumstances, it makes me all the more determined to radically shift the agenda. Nature is my lead, my therapy, my business partner, without nature we are lost.